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Learn How to Create Your Own
eCom/Online Store using WordPress
and avoid Monthly Fees


We have been using this strategy and charging min $300 per store to clients and now you will have access to the exact blueprint. Use this training to create your own online store or charge people & keep 100% profit.

Ecom Mastery – Featuring Special Full HD Training Videos from Rajiv Mothie 
NOT “Ali Baba” or “Oberlo”….Access Hidden Gems in your Home Town to give your buyers FAST DELIVERY & GREAT PRICES to INCREASE Your Conversions
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Frustrated, Fed Up Or Tired of the Same B.S ?

Making money online is EASY … “they say” But “their” systems are never as simple as advertised. It’s frustrating, because everyone knows it just takes TWO things to make money online.

Once you have those two figured out, you’re destined to make money online.

 But let’s get real here… Is it really that simple? Of course not!

 That’s because these two components are a chore that can feel 
impossible to solve.

#1 Traffic

We all know that traffic is the lifeblood of any business


#2 Website

We all know that you need a website but what type of website? colour? theme ? etc…


Meet your Instructor - Rajiv Mothie

Like many, I struggled early in my online career with crappy traffic and lousy offers, But after shifting gears, I went on to achieve my goals. Now I firmly believe the only legitimate proof of success is if it can be repeated by others. I therefore begun sharing my knowledge with friends and family members who quickly started achieving the same results. 

A lot of tactics shown by top marketers do not work for newbies. I had to find the most beginner-friendly way to get sales and traffic and I had to find it FAST! That’s when The Success Formula – Season One Ecom Mastery was born!
The best part about this course is it allows you to create an online store with no monthly expenses. Most people who start online stores dont generate sales for many years until they learn the key principles. By using this course you can have your store up and running and not stress about monthly fees while you learn how to generate buyer traffic. You will learn how to use WordPress and a FREE Ecom Theme, that works like magic.

For only $17 this is a no brainer, I will also teach you our exact blueprint we are currently using to get winning products and high quality traffic. I look forward to seeing your ecom store.
To Your Success,
Rajiv Mothie

People from All Backgrounds Including Complete Beginners Are LOVING The Success Formula

Mr. Sameer Tickley – Tiksons Easy Living Pty Ltd –

All I can say is WOW !!! I started my journey with the Success Formula as a Beta Tester and after following the training I was able to setup my ecom store on my website from scratch. I have already generated over 6 figures in sales and can produce a video to show proof, thanks to this amazing blueprint. 

Well Done to Mr. Rajiv Mothie and the entire team !!!

All students who complete the course will receive a Certificate of Completion
Send us an email to once you complete
the course to claim your certificate

Limited Time Offer

A Brand New Legendary Training

Learn how to setup your Ecom Store without paying Shopify Monthly

That’s Right…Save Money on your Monthly Expenses

Without Calling people

Without an Email List

Without Being An Expert

Without Learning Sales Copy

Some of the lessons you'll learn within Ecommerce Mastery are...

1. E-Commerce Websites: What Are They and How Can They Work For You

2. Trends that Are Taking Place In The Worldwide E-Commerce Business

3. Why An E-Commerce Website Really All That Important To Your Business

4. How to Setup your Ecom Store without using Shopify

5. 10 Things To Consider When Establishing Your E-Commerce Website

6. What You Do To Improve Your E-Commerce Store’s Conversion Rates

7. The Secrets To Giving The Best Possible E-Commerce Experience To Customers

8. Where to find the best products

9. How to run Facebook Ads like a PRO.

And a Whole Lot More…1

“How Do I Know If What I'm Learning Is Correct and Where Do I Start?”

There are many reasons why this information can be extremely important…

Information within this guide is essential because you’ll learn how to improve your overall strategies and more importantly, how to be successful when putting it into your overall practice.

With Ecommerce Mastery, the main idea is to better your knowledge to boost your opportunities for your success.

When knowing all about this topic from A-Z, the magic begins. Within this guide, you’ll learn all the lessons that are involved in your long-term goals. Therefore by enticing yourself to stick with it and not lose focus on your primary objectives.


Why Waste Time Making Mistakes & Failing When You Can Follow My Step-By-Step Methods On How You Can Find Profitable Products To Sell Right Now

Join over 600+ people launching profitable online stores from their home.. 

As a person just like you who has struggled with learning about this topic, I’ve searched high and low to find the best lessons to fix this problem.

This guide is equipped to help you put an end to your frustration with trying to wade through all the info you need to know to execute a successful plan.

Sometimes it seems like you’ve tried everything in your power to figure it out, and yet, despite your best efforts, you’re still seeing no results or not knowing where to start.

Sometimes not knowing even the basics of getting started with eCom can be hard and daunting.

That’s why I’ve decided to put together a step-by-step guide focused on helping you navigate through the process of learning everything about setting up your ecom store to maximize your results and improve your overall goals

 The Success Formula

With this specific system … You can learn how to unleash floods of targeted traffic for FREE, and watch it quickly convert into commissions

eCom is a Trillion Dollar industry, make sure you capture your share.

Why You Should Be In E-Commerce Today (If You Haven't)

It’s no surprise that online businesses can reach a wider range of target audience…Yes, far more customers than an actual shop can reach!

If you’re already an online merchant…Then you’re in luck!…Because your business can potentially reach even customers at less populated areas like subway stations or street corners!

Short on expenses? Fret not; running an online business requires little to no costs! Say goodbye to needing to hire employees and heavy monthly expenses like rent, utilities and insurance!


So What Are Your Options if you want an Online Store ?

Option 1: Hire Freelancers

TOTAL COST $2000 - $5000

Option 2: Use our Course & Follow our Simple Videos & Only Pay $17

If You Could Have Done It, You Would Have Done It But Why Didn’t You?

Starting a business can be a very rewarding experience when done right…But the idea of trying something new can also be quite daunting…
The question is; are these challenges stopping you from running the online business that you’ve always dreamt of?
– You think you’re not tech-savvy enough
– You don’t know how to deliver professional SEO work
– You’re afraid of the logistics
– Worried that you’re be making loss instead of profits
– Insufficient financial resources to start a business

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the e-commerce industry or someone seasoned, building a profitable online empire will not be a problem once you know how and where to begin…

…And that’s what I’m here for!

Avoid making these "Newbie" Mistakes or Risk Losing

Build your own email list as soon as your business is up and running (Here’s the secret: The money is in the list!) Find the right pricing for your products and never undercharge for your services. 

Even a second delay in your website loading time can cause you to lose conversions so remember to consistently upgrade your internet service.

Inside E-Commerce Blueprint, you will learn the secrets of transforming yourself into a top notch e-commerce entrepreneur on various popular platforms… 

…The best part: The pick is ultimately your choice! 

And for only $17.00, all that can solely be yours for the taking. Just follow these easily learnable tried and tested methods and you might just be recognized as the next online marketing superstar and be the envy of your peers!


Why Success Formula Is The Best eCom Course you've Ever Seen

By using this course you can have your store up and running and not stress about monthly fees while you learning how to generate buyer traffic. You will learn how to use WordPress and a FREE Ecom Theme, that works like magic.

Start your Own eCom Store

…In 3 Quick & Easy Steps:

A Global Training Product including a special section for African Markets


Unlike most digital product on the market. The Success Formula offers up to date tutorials for all markets across the globe. We have added a special section for African markets with resources available for that region.

This Powerful Results-Backed FORMULA Blows Other Methods Out of The Water

The Success Formula is a massive breakthrough because it’s the ONLY METHOD that produces results in 3 simple steps.

Gets you Unlimited Winning Products

Simple & Easy Step-By-Step Guide

This is An All-in-One Solution

Say Goodbye To Hard Work, Learning Curves And “Maybes” Say Hello To Bulletproof & Paint-By-Numbers Easy With complete over-the-shoulder training, there’s nothing to mess up here. 

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and start your first ecom store

Easy to Follow Video Guide ($197 Value)

16 Modules + 2 Bonus Modules(HD)
1. How to setup your eCom Store 
2. How to setup your store without Shopify
3. How to find Profitable Products
4. How to Setup Your Payment Gateway
5. How to Generate Buyer Traffic 

Our Facebook & Instagram Strategy ( Value $99)

Interested in Facebook & Instagram Ads? Dont stress we got you covered. We have an entire module with the best tips & tricks. We have also included screen recordings of our personal ad account.

Must Have eCom Blueprint
($99 Value)

Learn our exact formula we are currently using to run our ecom stores.

Ecom Mastery EBook ( Value $49)

Get a 53 Page Ecom Mastery eBook with important information for your online/ecom store.

Total Value over $444 + Bonuses($203) = $647
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We find this scenario a lot less likely. Why?
Because The Success Formula is something new and has almost no competition.
So if you can’t make a profit with this, then sadly
 you’re probably not cut out for “make money online”
But here’s the kicker…
If #2 happens… Then you get EVERY PENNY BACK!!
We strongly believe you are going to succeed with this, but we want to 
ensure that there is literally ZERO RISK with your investment

30 Day Money back Guarantee

The steeply discounted price already makes The Success Formula an easy decision, but we don’t want you having any doubts at all. So you get 30 days to make sure this lives up to every claim we’ve made. 

If in the highly unlikely event you don’t get results, just let us know by reaching out to our super friendly support team.

We’ll do whatever it takes to fix any issue you might have, or if you prefer we’ll refund every dime of your tiny investment.


You're Also Getting these Hand-Picked BONUSES for EVEN FASTER RESULTS

Bonuses Are Only Available During This LIMITED Launch Special


The lifeblood of any online business is Traffic. Explode Your Traffic With These 6 FREE Traffic Methods. This course has helped hundreds of people increase their online traffic. 

Value $39


Large Solo Ad Vendors And List Brokers – Need access to the Best Solo Ad Vendors? We got you covered. Over the years we have managed to generate a list of the top brokers we use to select the best Solo Ad Vendors. These Vendors has helped us 3x our Email List with actual Buyers.

Value $49


Top 6 Paid Underground Traffic Sources – Need Secret Traffic Sources that Not Many people are talking about. Then this is for you. This is The Top 6 Paid Underground Traffic Sources that the Top Income Earners are using daily. 

Value $27


Mastering Facebook – One of the easiest ways to test products for your ecom site is using Facebook Ads. This course will teach you the best way to use Facebook Ads to get maximum value. 

Value $39


Free Listbuilding tools and methods – They always say the money is in the list !!! That is 100% true. Every person that buys from your store will go into a list that you will have access to at anytime. You will be able to generate funds from your email list by simply emailing them.

Value $49

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this all about?

This product shows you EXACTLY how to get going quickly and start seeing results fast. You’ll get an A-Z plan for getting success within this niche right away, even if you’re a complete newbie.

No stones are left unturned… you get everything you need inside!

Why Ecommerce Mastery?

  • You can get started as soon as today.
  • Anyone can do it… newbies, established internet marketers or anyone wanting to learn the correct way to use and profit from this topic… the playing field is leveled for ALL.
  • Any person can get big results with learning about this subject.
  • It’s easy to start and you’ll see results fast.
  • You can get started today with little to no budget.
  • Special Blueprint from Mr.Edmund Loh
  • Full HD Video Course that will educate you and entertain you
  • All strategies that we teach have been tried & tested
  • This is a latest 2022 eCom Course to ensure you learn up to date information.

How much for the guide?

Although it’s normally $477, today you can lock-in a special discount and get access for a fraction of that. But please don’t delay… I can’t guarantee the price won’t be higher if you come back later.

How is the training delivered?

This training is delivered as a step-by-step guide that makes learning the steps to success in this field extremely easy. If you can follow the step-by-step instructions inside, you have everything you need to start seeing results quickly.

Is there a guarantee?

Of course. You have a FULL 30 days to make sure this is for you. If for any reason, or no reason at all, you’re not 100% satisfied with what you learn inside, simply let me know, and I’ll refund every cent of your tiny investment… No questions asked!


What if I’m a complete newbie?

No problem. The information inside is step-by-step in nature so that ANYONE can see results. If you can follow basic instructions, you can get started as soon as today.

I know things change… is this information up-to-date?

Absolutely. One of the BIG reasons this guide was created is because so much of what’s published right now about this subject can be out of date. This training is all about what REALLY works now, today, not months or years ago.

How do I get started today?

To get started today, click the link below now for INSTANT ACCESS…

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We want you to succeed and achieve your goals with our state of the art product with incredible value.